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Short Courses

The short courses here aim to increase the digital health literacy of healthcare professionals, technical specialists, technology enthusiasts, healthcare innovators, digital health practitioners, students and the general public through a series of evidence-based mini-lectures created and developed by me. Do sign up for these courses if you have a passion to learn about this upcoming field of digital health. If there are any topics that you would like me to develop, do let me know.

Immersive Technologies and the Metaverse in Healthcare

What are immersive technologies? What’s the difference between augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality? How have they been used in healthcare? What is the Metaverse? Is the Metaverse just a fad or the future of healthcare? Join me in this course as we explore the answers to these questions.

Introduction to Digital Oncology

COVID-19 has created unique challenges in the care of cancer patients. Digital oncology innovations are becoming one of the hottest trends in cancer care – from improving cancer diagnoses to predicting drug responses and personalizing therapies. How can digital health technologies benefit cancer care? Learn about cancer tech innovations in the upcoming field of digital oncology!

Introduction to Big Data, AI and IoMT in Healthcare

Ever wondered if your healthcare needs will be taken care of by a robot in the future? How can our health data be safeguarded in the new normal? Will big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and connected devices be the mainstream of healthcare in the future? Learn about upcoming trends in these fields!

Introduction to Telehealth and mHealth

Why is there a hype in telehealth and mHealth these days? How can telehealth and mHealth benefit patients and healthcare professionals? What are the upcoming trends in these fields? Learn how these fields can benefit patients and healthcare professionals in the new normal!